I am going to replace the header with a navigation header later!!!

The phrase came "Did you see the fish walking outside?" was something I made up at a Wendy's when their was a lot of rain pouring outside and I was messing with a friend. It was a made you look gag.

The link to clear the cache clears all caches saved by the service worker and then reinstalls the service worker from scratch. Reinstalling the service worker will also redownload the cache if you are online. The problem is, reinstalling the service worker too many times programmatically causes the browser to stop reinstalling it. It will not be able to redownload the files to cache. That's where the link to uninstall the service worker comes in. It clears the cache and then uninstalls the service worker. In order for the service worker to reinstall and redownload the cache, you will then have to close all tabs and windows related to this site.

I should mention that you will want to only have one window/tab open and to load the page like it is new. Your browser won't load the new cache unless you do so. I am working on a way to make the service worker bypass this requirement.